Frequently Asked Questions About The Raw Dog Food

What is the raw dog food system?

The raw dog food system is a feeding program for dogs that aims towards feeding dogs with the food they were meant to eat. The foods in this type of diet consist of whole uncooked foods such as various types of meat, fruits and vegetables.

Why should I start my dog on a raw food diet?

There are numerous commercial foods available in the market but they may not be meeting your pet’s nutritional needs. Also, a great number of dogs have strong reactions to processed dog food since their bodies are not equipped to digest and take in such foods.

Is pre-packed raw dog food the same as homemade bones and raw dog food?

No. For starters you cannot be sure that the pre-packed food you are purchasing is 100% pure and has not been treated to preserve it. It may contain a number of additives that you are not aware for which will definitely not be good for your dog.

Also, most of the pre-packed raw food found are already ground up. There is no telling what types of meat have been included, so you cannot be sure that there is variety.
Finally, chewing on bones can be important for the development of jaw and neck muscles in a dog and ground up pre-packed food does not provide this opportunity for your dog.

Does the presence of bacteria in bones and raw food affect my dog?

Bacteria will be found in most any place that you go to and cannot be completely and totally eliminated. The same salmonella and e-coli that you may find in the dog food may be found in your home as well.

Dogs who are fed this type of diet have amazingly strong immune systems which help them deal with and ward off bacteria, leaving them unaffected. The most important thing to remember is to be sanitary when preparing the raw food to avoid any problems.

Is it alright to serve puppies and pregnant bitches raw food?

Most certainly. In fact, many would recommend doing this since it will provide them with the nutrients to grow properly. Just make sure that you give your puppies the right size of raw food and bones so that they don’t have a difficult time chewing on it. As for pregnant bitches, there is pretty much no restriction as to what you can give them.

Are supplements necessary when following a raw food diet for dogs?

No, there is no need for you to be giving your dog supplements when it is on a raw food diet. All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs it will be getting from the food that you give it. Since everything is served raw there are not nutrients which are lost which happens during the process of cooking. Make sure that you serve a wide variety of food to provide needed vitamins and minerals.

Where can I get bones and raw food for my dog?

Finding food for your dog can be easy, since you can get it pretty much in the same places that you get your food to cook. Ask your butcher about buying animal offal and bones since these are mostly disposed anyway. Fish and poultry are also abundant in markets and supermarkets, just be sure to get them from the fresh section and not the freezer.

Why does my dog’s stool seem different after switching it to a raw food diet?

It is normal for your dog’s stool to undergo some changes most especially if it has just transitioned from a dry food diet to a raw food one. Its body begins the process of eliminating toxins which have built up during the time that it was eating commercial dog food. Loose stools as well as those with mucous may be completely fine just so long as you do not observe any other changes in your dog.